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Maritime eBooks

  • Weilbach's publications as iBooks for iOS

    Weilbach have a range of books for yachting courses available as iBooks for iOS devices. The iBook format has some basic and essential functionalities. You can highlight- and create notes for specific words or paragraphs according to your needs. Or you can bookmark pages that you want to read again later. 

    Click here to see Weilbach's range iBooks and get more information.

  • Find Weilbach's educational e-books on Lix is a platform for educational e-books for PC's. You just need to follow these four steps to get started with Lix:

    1: Go to and create an account
    2: Purchase the books you need
    3: Download the Lix Reader
    4: Log in to Lix Reader with the account, you created

    The e-books you have purchased on will now appear in the Lix Reader and are ready to bedownloaded and read.

    Click here to see the collection of Weilbach's e-books availbale on Lix. Enjoy!
  • SeaReader for the maritime industry

    SeaReader provides a full digital technical library for maritime use. It provides all of the books needed on board and in a fast, easy to use, digital format.

    It eliminates the associated costs and administration of maintaining a paper library as all the data is on the vessel at all times and the entire library is updated easily with just one click of a button. You don’t even need to be online to update the digital library.

    Click here to get more information about WENDIS SeaReader.

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