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JEPPESEN ENC Service contains only official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs), approved to meet the SOLAS carriage requirements and the ECDIS mandate. 
JEPPESEN ENC Service is composed exclusively of official ENCs produced by national Hydrographic Offices. It is authorized and complies with all official regulations and requirements related to the distribution and usage of official ENCs. An approved ECDIS combined with JEPPESEN ENCs makes paperless navigation possible.



• Meet the SOLAS carriage requirements
• Enables paperless navigation on a type approved ECDIS
• Easy and flexible licensing
• Type approved SENC distribution
• Quick and easy installation
• Supported by the majority of ECDIS systems
• Online updating service including new charts



JEPPESEN ENCs can be licensed in three ways:
3 - 12 month (Direct)
Pay Per View (Dynamic)
Pay As You Sail (Open ENC)


Gap filling with JEPPESEN Professional+

You can use JEPPESEN ENC Service, supplemented with the JEPPESEN Professional+ chart database. When sailing into areas not covered by ENC you will need to have the appropriate paper charts for that area and use the Professional+ database as an aid to navigation.

JEPPESEN Professional+ is a global vector chart database.  The chart sources are based on official charts. JEPPESEN Professional+ should only be used as a navigational aid and not be used for navigation. The data however, facilitates the full functionality of an ECDIS, and is excellent for gap filling when there is no ENC coverage.


Supported systems

JEPPESEN charts are supported by the majority of ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems) and ECS (Electronic Chart Systems) manufacturers.


How to Buy

JEPPESEN cannot be purchased online. Please contact for assistance and pricing.

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