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Weilbachs new versatile tool

About WENDIS Viewer

WENDIS Viewer is a versatile tool for vessels, shipping companies, engineers and consultants. The WENDIS Viewer consolidates a wide range of the WENDIS services offered by Weilbach into one platform. The software gives individual vessels unique control of each voyage and enables optimal fleet operation through improved monitoring, analysis and communication capabilities. In the event of an ECDIS failure, WENDIS Viewer can provide backup operational facilities for safe return to port – in combination with the WENDIS PDF Chart Service.

Watch the video below to get an impression of the program's possibilities:

Viewer integration ability

AVCS – Admiralty Vector Chart Service

WENDIS Viewer offers a unique service for AVCS charts. Existing charts can be installed and viewed, or charts can be acquired using our Pay-As-You-Need service. Charts can be selected either individually by area or by route, with instant access granted to the charts. You can also update the ENC charts free of charge each week within the program. Google Earth or OpenStreetMap data can be displayed as an add-on to the chart view to give visibility of the port/terminal infrastructure and areas beyond the harbour.

WENDIS Weather

See up-to-date weather information in the WENDIS Viewer. Access seven days of forecast for all the necessary weather services to check if an area or a voyage will encounter issues. In addition to the standard weather service, we offer typhoon and ice data to assist in voyage planning for these scenarios.

Passage Planning

The passage planning tool enables you to share routes between the vessel, shipping companies, charters or DMI. WENDIS Viewer routes provide a full overview of route waypoints, legs, speed and predicted times. This information can be easily exchanged and updated by all parties, enabling effective collaboration to ensure safer navigation for the voyage.



ADP – Admiralty Digital Publications

WENDIS Viewer displays the important information from ADP to support voyage planning and monitoring activities. Tidal predictions from Admiralty TotalTide and Admiralty Digital Radio Signals information is combined with AVCS charts and your routes to give an integrated view of the data in a single application.

AIS Targets

Fleet Tracker

If your fleet is using WENDIS PAYS, WENDIS Viewer can offer a fleet monitoring service. Each vessel in your fleet can be displayed on the chart view with details such as heading, ground speed and historical track. Fleet monitoring can be used in combination with services such as AVCS, ADP and weather to obtain relevant ENC charts and improve situational awareness for each vessel. A measurement tool allows you to assess how close vessels are to port, sister vessels or to bad weather, such as typhoons or reported ice. This allows you to supply optimised routes and provide effective support to vessel operations.

Key Features

  • High performance chart display. Clear, fast, uncluttered images. Modern, touch friendly user interface.
  • Charting tools. Overlay the chart with points, lines, areas, annotations and routes. Simple and robust overlay management. Exchange overlay data with an ECDIS.
  • Chart management. Purchase, download and display ENC charts. Generate standards compliant with S-57 exchange sets to update an ECDIS.
  • Weather. Comprehensive meteorological symbology including: Wind, Sea state, Pressure, Water current, Sea ice and Typhoons. Data, from DMI, downloadable on demand. Actual and predicted weather for configurable areas.
  • Automatically generated routes. Integrated routing engine. Database with thousands of ports worldwide.
  • Tides and Radio Signals. Overlay the chart with data from Admiralty Digital Products. Purchase, download and display updated information.
  • Printable passage plan report. Route details, ENC update state, ADP certificate.
  • Route monitoring. GPS and AIS inputs. Helming display, ETA, etc.

System Requirements

We recommend Windows 10 for new systems.
Windows 7 or later (so not Windows XP).

Any computer capable of running Windows 7.
2GB memory minimum, recommend 4GB or more.

The software needs a NMEA feed from these AIS and GPS. As the vessels will already have a GPS and AIS there is a choice to make:
  • Use the existing GPS and AIS or just add extra sensors for WENDIS Viewer to use.
  • Physically connect the sensor feed to the WENDIS Viewer computer or use a wireless connection.
There are a few products that take a AIS and GPS NMEA streams and the WENDIS Viewer can receive this over WIFI (see: and This can work especially well for laptops and tablets.

Fleet Tracker plugin for WENDIS Viewer
Fleet Tracker plugin for WENDIS Viewer
Your first WENDIS Viewer package includes everything you need to set up your system for WENDIS Weather.
Your first WENDIS Viewer package includes everything you need to set up your system for WENDIS Weather.
Get the master software WENDIS Viewer.
Get the master software WENDIS Viewer.