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Full digital technical library

SeaReader provides a full digital technical library for maritime use. It provides all of the books needed on board and in a fast, easy to use, digital format.

It eliminates the associated costs and administration of maintaining a paper library as all the data is on the vessel at all times and the entire library is updated easily with just one click of a button. You don’t even need to be online to update the digital library.

In the event of a vessel inspection, SeaReader makes it easy and ensures compliance by having all mandatory publications on board.

'My Books' view. Displays the books you have access to.
'My Books' view. Displays the books you have access to.
'Library' view. Displays all books available for purchase.
'Library' view. Displays all books available for purchase.
Search for the book you need by typing a word or use the filtering option.
Search for the book you need by typing a word or use the filtering option.

Key features

  • Full digital technical library
  • Quick and easy to use and update
  • Removes shipping costs of paper library
  • Compliance made easy
  • New books added regularly
  • Filtered searching
  • IMO and flag state approved
  • Easily access certificates for inspections
  • No unlocking
  • Reduces administration on board
  • Online and offline updating

Reduced administration on board

SeaReader keeps the administrative work on board vessels to a minimum as the latest set of publications will always be available on board and constantly kept up to date by Weilbach.

SeaReader provides total visibility of what books are on board the vessel. This gives you complete confidence the vessel is compliant by having the latest mandatory publications on board at all times.

Simple and easy to use

Its streamlined design is simple and easy to use with one-click updating and filtered search results among many other easy to use features. All data will already be on the vessel so new eBooks are accessed easily.

Updates and amendments to publications are highlighted and distributed automatically, ensuring the latest copy is always available.

There is no need for an internet connection to use SeaReader - you can get permits for books either online or offline.

More information

Contact us to discuss how SeaReader can transform your paper library on board.

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