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Fully digital log book system

OneLog is a new way to manage log books on board by replacing traditional paper log books with a digital log book system.
The data OneLog holds is accurate and complete, making it a robust and trustworthy alternative to traditional paper log books. There is no need to buy and store log books – OneLog stores them all in the same place.

Key Features

  • Increased legibility – no handwriting errors!
  • Reduces logistic costs – no need to courier log books to and from the ship
  • Easier to store historic records
  • Easier to share records with shore
  • Intuitive, easy to use and easy to set up
  • Handles log entry and approval process
  • Easy to access multiple logbooks on board
  • Role-based access control to features and individual log books
  • Export of logs to PDF

Easy to use

OneLog is intuitive and easy to use and makes it quick and easy to access multiple log books in the one place.

Reduced administration

Many log books have to be stored for five years, taking up valuable space on board. OneLog replaces all of them with one simple, easy to use digital system, saving space on board and eliminating courier costs to get the log books on board.

Offline operation

You don’t need internet access to activate the log books on board and the data is stored on the vessel so doesn’t need an internet connection to store log data.

Accurate logs

OneLog reduces human error by ensuring the data entered is legible and mistakes due to handwriting are eliminated. The role-based access control ensures only those qualified to enter events do so.

Flexible system

OneLog fits to the specific needs and infrastructure on each vessel – it works either all on one computer, where OneLog and the collected data are stored together. Alternatively, OneLog can be run on many computers and the collected data is stored on a server to give multiple access points.

No extra costs

With OneLog, you only pay for the licence for each log book. There is no additional fee for the OneLog system.

More information

Contact us to discuss how OneLog can digitally manage your log books.

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