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Iver C. Weilbachs Foundation

The Foundation

Iver C. Weilbach's Foundation has direct ownership of the operating company Weilbach A/S and the investment firm Weilbach Invest ApS. Through Weilbach A/S a number of daughter companies are owned. Dividends from the companies are accessed by the foundation and distributed according to the purpose of the foundation.

  • The foundation is independent.
  • No person or corporation has any ownership of the foundation, no one has special rights or influence over the foundation.
  • No one receives dividends from the foundation.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation is appointed partly by the employees of Weilbach A/S and is partly self-supplemental.

The foundation is thus completely independent of external owner and capital interests, all capital is reinvested in the foundation's companies or distributed according to the purpose of the foundation.

Purpose of the Foundation

  1. To promote interest in and desire in the shipping industry by providing financial support and encouragement, for example, in the form of prizes for institutions, associations or individuals who are in favour of such an interest or are training for a deed in the profession, in particular for the purpose of training for navigators.
  2. To provide financial support for cultural and scientific work that can also benefit the shipping industry and its practitioners.
  3. To provide financial support for humanitarian and charitable purposes, including support for former employees of Iver C. Weilbach & Co A/S and their widows and children in education and to Iver C. Weilbach & Co. A/S' Help Foundation for workshop workers.

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The grants cannot be applied for.

Good Governance

In connection with the work on good governance, the Board of Directors of Iver C. Weilbachs Foundation has prepared a statement on good governance in accordance with section 77a of the Danish Financial Statements Act. The statement shall be updated annually. The current statement is attached to the Foundation's annual report for 2022-23 and can be viewed here.

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