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If you specify the delivery country before you start shopping, all prices will be displayed in the correct currency and with proper VAT. Transport costs will be added when you add articles to Cart. If the delivery address is outside the EU, no VAT will be added. If the delivery address is within the EU, the currency and VAT is locked to the delivery country.


The e-mark is administered by the e-commerce Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 2000 by some of the industry’s most influential organizations supported by The Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education, The Danish Chamber of Commerce, The Confederation of Danish Industry, The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, The Danish Bankers Association and others.

To bear the e-mark all web shops go through a thorough approval process, in which the e-commerce Foundation juridical team insures that each web shop not only meet the legal requirements but also the 10 special standards for correct and consumer friendly conduct on the Internet.

See Weilbach's e-mark approval.

Weilbach is certified and approved by e-mark
Weilbach is certified and approved by e-mark

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